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GreenHouse is an expert in solar power generation and battery-energy storage systems

Energy Consulting

GreenHouse is a specialist in energy consumption analysis. We have the tools, equipment and knowledge to analyse your electricity consumption and identify exactly what is using power in your home or business. We will provide expert recommendations and remedies in order to ensure that your monthly electricity bill is reduced as far as is possible.

Solar PV

GreenHouse conceptualises, designs, and installs industry-leading solar PV systems. We offer premium and professionally installed systems to clients in the residential and commercial sector. We have a great track record and pride ourselves on delivering turn-key solutions.

Battery Energy Storage

GreenHouse offers cutting-edge battery storage technologies. The advent of lithium-ion battery technology has allowed us to provide our clients with a truly reliable, compact and effective solution. We offer pure backup systems as well as hybrid power systems for self-consumption - charging the battery with solar during the day and discharging the battery at night. Whether it's backing up your kitchen fridge and freezer, or load shifting your business in order to obtain a lower peak demand charge, GreenHouse has a solution for you.

Why Choose GreenHouse?

We're the professionals. We pride ourselves on designing and implementing premium, highly-efficient energy systems and we do it right; no cutting corners and no-nonsense. We stand by our clients and are known for our steadfast customer service. We've got a great track record backed up by strong supplier relationships; providing you with warranted, quality equipment and all installed by our friendly team of expert technicians.

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