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Solar Power Generation

Power your home or business at a lower cost while reducing your carbon footprint. Realise rapid return on investment with a Grid-Tied solar power system.


Battery Backup

Our vast experience designing and implementing battery based power backup systems has allowed us to tailor solutions for even the finest requirements. It’s time to keep the lights on, when Eskom can’t. 


Hybrid Power Systems

A combination of solar and battery power incorporated into an intelligent energy distribution system. Capture the benefits of solar powered savings while using battery energy to maintain power delivery during grid outages and more.


Energy Monitoring

Our range of monitoring solutions include Inverter specific monitoring systems as well as stand-alone monitoring systems capable of monitoring several circuits independently. All of the data is posted live to the Cloud and is ready to be accessed by your smartphone, laptop or tablet.


System Reparations

Have a system that is simply not performing? We have a wealth of knowledge regarding various system architectures from a range of different equipment manufacturers and can provide analysis and recommendations in order to improve or restore system performance.



Maintaining an asset ensures reliable performance over the equipment’s expected life. Solar & Battery powered systems are not exempt from routine maintenance and inspections and should be scheduled as a proactive measure.

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

We’re the professionals. We pride ourselves on designing and implementing premium, highly-efficient energy systems and we do it right; no cutting corners and no-nonsense. We’ve spent over a decade analysing and comparing different system architectures in order to provide you with the right solution for your application. We stand by our clients and are known for our steadfast customer service. We’ve got a great track record backed up by strong supplier relationships; providing you with warranted, quality equipment and all installed by our friendly team of expert technicians.


It has been a great pleasure being involved with and doing business with GreenHouse Energy Consulting. The installation of solar panels has led to a great saving on daily electricity. GreenHouse Energy Consulting have been highly professional, competent, friendly and helpful throughout the whole installation process.

Jenny Koster

GreenHouse Energy Consulting’s team has provided us with professional and friendly service over many years. I am delighted with their fast and reliable after-sales service and I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone considering solar power or having power backup installed.

Inge Stockenstrom


Pierre Van Ryneveld
Centurion, Gauteng


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