Battery Storage Systems

Keep the lights on

In South Africa, power supply from the Utility is a woefully unstable service. Grid outages are a common occurrence and subsequently, South African homeowners and businesses are left without power for hours, sometimes days. GreenHouse has years worth of experience in designing and installing battery backup systems for both homes and businesses. Our systems keep the lights, and anything else you want, ON.


With the advent of lithium-ion technology, the concept of self-consumption has become increasingly attractive and economically viable. By charging the battery with solar during the day and discharging that battery at night, a home or business can significantly reduce its reliance on the Grid. This provides a considerable degree of energy independence as well as a maximum reduction in your home or business electricity bill.

How does it work?

Our sales team will contact you to discuss the backup application. In applications requiring finer design and optimisation, our sales team may consider deploying a team of expert technicians to install a power logging device on pre-discussed circuits that have been identified for battery backup. After a short while of data capturing, we will process the data and identify the battery size requirement for the selected circuits. We will then proceed to design an optimally sized battery-inverter system that meets your power and energy requirements.

Our Portfolio

GreenHouse has conceptualised, designed and implemented multiple commercial and residential systems to date. We've partnered with the top battery system suppliers to offer you unparalleled power security in combination with our endless customer support.