Energy Monitoring

Knowledge is power

Knowing what is using electricity in your home or business is vital information. Technology is advancing at an exponential rate and subsequently, our living spaces are being populated with more and more power consuming devices - the latest TV, pressure cooker and infrared heater. Sooner than later, our monthly utility bills become a cause for concern.

What, when and how much?

While energy consumption can be monitored on a month-to-month basis through a utility bill; a much finer resolution of power and energy consumption is required in order to make informed decisions like investing in a solar power system or evaluating the performance of an existing solar power system.

Our Solutions

GreenHouse is proud to offer products and services that can provide these finer details. Our range of monitoring solutions include Inverter specific monitoring systems as well as stand-alone monitoring systems capable of monitoring several circuits independently. All of the data is posted Live to the Cloud and is ready to be accessed by your smartphone, laptop or tablet.