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Innovative Energy Solutions for the residential and commercial market.

What We Do

Solar Panels

We help reduce your current energy costs and rising overheads with the installation of turn-key of solar power systems.


Continue without interruptions with our battery backup systems. Keep the lights on, when Eskom can’t.

Power Monitor

Our monitoring solutions continuously track and measure a range of real-time metrics you can visualise at any time on any device.

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We specialise in the design of hybrid power systems consisting of solar, battery, utility and generator energy sources. Our core design philosophy revolves around creating a smart micro-grid where various energy sources are intelligently deployed to meet the customers operating objectives. 

  • Load shedding backup solutions
  • Grid-tied solar systems
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Off-Grid Power Systems
  • Peak Shaving
  • Load Shifting
  • Emergency Backup
  • Demand Response


With over a decade’s worth of experience and over 1000 projects completed – our installation team has you covered.

  • Huawei Grid-Tied Solar
  • SolarEdge Grid-Tied Solar
  • Solis Grid-Tied Solar
  • ABB Grid-Tied Solar
  • InfiniSolar Hybrid Power Systems
  • Axpert Off-Grid Systems
  • Victron AC & DC Coupled Hybrid Systems
  • Schneider Electric Conext Hybrid Systems
  • Tesla PowerPack utility energy solutions
  • Alpha ESS utility energy solutions


Manage and measure your energy consumption optimally together with other key business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Our monitoring solutions continuously track and measure a range of real-time metrics you can visualise at any time on any device. We assist with data management and system optimisation so you can leverage accurate information to make informed decisions that move your business forward.

  • 3-Phase Mains Monitoring
  • Single Circuit Monitoring¬†
  • Inverter Monitoring
  • Solar Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring

Latest Projects

Project Lima

We’ve just completed phase 3 at Project Lima. This phase of the installation involved populating the last remaining roof facet of this small commercial building. The easterly facing roof means that solar power generation will begin earlier in the day and help to assist the battery during the early morning coffee-making window and switching on the airconditioning. #offgrid #optimised #greenhousesolar

Project Charlie Bravo

A popular 3-phase solution involving the installation of 3 x single phase hybrid inverters. Each inverter is able to draw energy from the central battery bank and effectively target zero consumption on its respective phase.

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