Solar Power Solutions

Solar Powered Savings

A solar power system is a remarkably attractive investment for South African businesses and homeowners. Power your home or business at a lower cost while reducing your carbon footprint. Join the growing number of clean renewable energy users and transform your premises into an environmentally conscious and sustainable entity.

How does it work?

Depending on the application, our sales team may request a copy of your electricity bill history in order to size the system appropriately. In certain applications we may consider installing a power logging device on your main power distribution board - After a short while of data capturing, we will process the data to obtain a true representation of your power consumption profile. We will then proceed to design an optimally sized solar power system that meets your power requirements.

Why choose us?

We're a fully fledged EPC service provider, which means that we conceptualise, design and implement the entire solution. Our in-house technical competence is what sets us apart from our competitors, providing you with the peace of mind that a turn-key solution will be delivered. GreenHouse Energy Consulting is your trusted advisor and we endeavour to develop that relationship with you.

Our Portfolio

GreenHouse has conceptualised, designed and implemented multiple commercial and residential systems to date. Our core offering lies in the design of systems ranging up to 500kWp, however our in-house expertise allow for the design and execution of complex hybrid systems.

Considering Solar Power for your Home or Business?

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